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Is gluten free food possible?

Yes. Almost all dietary requirements are met. Just let us know at the time of booking. 

Is wine tasting included?

It depends on the type of tour. In the essentials tour, wine tasting is not included as we do everything we can to lower the price. When you purchase a bottle, then there is no tasting fee. If you would like the wine tasting fee included, just let us know when booking and we can include it in the quote.

Where can we be picked up?

Estate Wine Tours are very flexible with pick up and drop off. We generally start in the city and work our way down to the Mornington Peninsula. Depending on the tour type and arrangements agreed upon, we can do pick ups and drop offs in the SE suburbs all the way down to the Peninsula. 

How many people go on a tour / are required to run a tour? 

We have a few different buses and can therefore accustom groups of many sizes. For the Essentials tour we require a minimum of 7 people. For the Deluxe tour, we require a minimum of 4. We can take up to 11 people in our 12-seater.

So, if your group is less than 4 or above 11, then get in touch for a private quote. 

Do you go to breweries, gin distilleries, cider places, etc.?

The standard wine tours go to wineries, however, we are very flexible and are more than happy to customise a tour for you. Just get in touch and we'll provide you with a unique itinerary.

Still need more information? You can contact us here.